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Hannah Adkins, Licensed Massage Therapist, Trauma Touch Therapist, Healing Arts Aficiando

I have been a full-time massage therapist for five years. In this period of time, I have performed about 3,000 massages and counting! 

Before venturing into massage therapy, I dedicated another five years to a therapeutic yoga practice. This exploration of the human body served as a springboard of knowledge before entering the massage world. What I learned in this practice was a combination of rehabbing injuries, harnessing breathwork to reduce stress, weight management, focused meditation, and ultimately, how to heal oneself. 

As a result of these experiences, I felt a calling into massage therapy to understand this body-mind connection better and to help others heal in meaningful ways.

A combination of experience, exceptional service, and laser-focus on my client's needs provides a deeply healing experience. Through connection, communication, and intuition, each massage becomes a journey. This massage journey is facilitated with care, keeping in mind the needs and goals of the person on my table - or Thai massage mat! 

Over time, I have hand-selected additional therapies that assist the process of healing. Because of their effectiveness, these are always included. Handmade herbal compresses bring warmth to every session. They are steam-heated for optimal relaxation of connective tissue that breaks up adhesions (knots), melt layers of neck muscles, reduce the chance of spasms, and promote circulation. Cupping therapy is also incorporated as necessary to increase the flow of lymph, break up adhesions, decrease soreness, and address chronically "tight" areas. *Cupping techniques are performed within the comfort level of the client and when it is indicated for treatment. Lastly, I have seen significant improvements in pain, anxiety, headaches (and much more) when CBD is incorporated. Because of its effectiveness, CBD is included in my massage treatments when indicated. 

As a lifelong learner, I continue to add to my knowledge base. Nowadays, I call my massages "all-tissue" rather than deep tissue. Certainly, I utilize deep tissue techniques and deep pressure. But there is more to the body than muscles, such as lymphatic fluid, nerve tissue, and craniosacral fluid - to name a few. Some areas of the body may require deep, sustained pressure; others may be best served through assisted stretching or light work.  I aim to assess what your body is manifesting and apply the most appropriate techniques and pressure to get you to a place of healing and restoration. *Massages are trauma-informed; however, Trauma Touch Therapy is different therapy altogether.

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Master's in Social Work (Graduating in 2021)- University of Denver

B.S. in Experimental  Psychology (2014) - USC Upstate

Denver Integrative Massage School (2014)  - Denver, CO

Osteopathic Thai Yoga Massage (2016) - Luangprabang, Laos


Modern Cupping (2020) - In progress
Trauma Touch Therapy (2016) - Colorado School of Healing Arts
Advanced Deep Tissue (2017) - Ben Benjamin Institute
Craniosacral Therapy (2018) - Upledger Institute
Injury-Specific Lymphatic Drainage Cerification 

1 year-long training in Hatha Yoga (2015) - Greenville Yoga

Reiki Attunement & Level 1(2016) - Sacred Journey School of Reiki


For the past 8 years, I have led group workshops on mindfulness-based modalities, such as Thai massage classes for nursing students, group couple's workshops, and private workshops. I also served as a massage therapy instructor at  a local massage school. While there, I improved curriculum while working with students to develop professional and technical skills. 

Massage & Bodywork magazine  featured a contribution piece on the topic of massage for the transgender population. 

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Herbal Compressing

2-Hour Total Package

2-Hour Total Package

Heavenly heat. 

Uplifting aromatherapy. 

Comforting to the soul.


2-Hour Total Package

2-Hour Total Package

2-Hour Total Package

An hour of Thai Yoga massage 

+ an hour of table massage 

= a whole new you


Heal Yourself

2-Hour Total Package

Heal Yourself

Your body will rejoice!