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In Home Massage Therapy. Sports Massage. Deep Tissue Massage. Thai Massage.

Professional In-Home Massage Therapy Focused on YOU!

Hannah's in-home massage sessions blend therapeutic techniques that meet your needs.  A combination of knowledge, training, and intuition provide a deeply healing experience in either traditional massage therapy or thai massage. Hannah successfully treats clients with:

  • spinal fusions
  • chronic migraines & headaches
  • autoimmune conditions
  • post-surgical edema & inflammation
  • mechanical strains
  • athletic performers
  • chronic and acute stress
  • emotional trauma & grief

 You are invited to read a Q&A with Hannah to learn more about her approach to bodywork here.

Complimentary therapeutic add-ons include herbal compresses, CBD, cupping, and cold stone therapy.

Complimentary Therapies

Therapy tools are included in every session, not upcharged!

Depending on your needs, any combination of the following are used to enhance your healing:

Handmade Steamed Herbal Compresses

500mg CBD

Cupping Therapy

Cold Stone Therapy (in summer months)

To learn more about herbal compresses, check out this blog post.

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Herbal compress workshops offered for professional bodyworkers

Herbal Compress Workshops for Professional Bodyworkers

Workshops are offered to spas and bodywork entrepreneurs alike. 

After a training with Hannah's Healing Arts & Education, therapists can:

  1. Treat client conditions by using compresses therapeutically
  2. Enhance results of massage therapy by using compresses
  3. Reduce pain/discomfort in hands and body
  4. Implement techniques immediately
  5. Articulate the benefit of herbal compressing to clients

All students are expected to give and receive the new techniques for practice. As a massage therapist herself, Hannah understands the need for therapists to not only practice, but to receive the benefits of compressing. Giving and receiving are opportunities to hone the skill of compressing, while getting hands-on instruction, and to personally experience this healing art for themselves.